Election periods are determinants of true Christian characters

To those of you who are insulting and ridiculing the EC chairperson because she is a woman, your case is worse than a person who has not entered classroom before. What kind of Stone Age thinking is this? In 2012, Afari Gyan declared results on 10th December and even with clear victory for NDC, NPP didn’t accept defeat and went to court. The new EC chair together with all the political parties have agreed that processes need to be followed and results should be declared within 72 hours. This was reiterated yesterday and emphasis was made on ensuring that due process is followed, which is more shocking that people are still insulting this woman this early morning. The question is: has the 72 hours passed? If this woman is your mother, would you be insulting and ridiculing her?
The pathetic part is that most of these people insulting this woman claim to be Christians and will go to church on Sunday opening the same mouth to sing or pray unto God. You have a long way to go as a Christian if this is how you think. I can’t believe that some of you have placed politics above your Christian faith. As a Christian, you are expected to radiate the Love of God at all times and shine to the world so that people can see your good work and give glory and their life to Jesus, (Matthew 5:16, 1 Peter 3:15). Ask yourself if insulting or ridiculing the EC chair is synonymous with shining brightly to the glory of God? We all know that based on provisional results, the NPP is winning, but allow the EC to follow due process and declare Nana as president. Insulting the EC chair is first of all showing your level of ignorance and stunted growth if you claim to be Christian.
I always say that it is during election period that true Christian characters are displayed. How do you go insulting people because of politics and tomorrow you claim to be preaching the love of God to people? If you are teasing your friends in the opponent camp that is not going over board, but insults are never OK, no matter who the person is. God is not mocked! Repent now!
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