The changing views on new technologies by certain Christians

There was a time a certain Christian denomination believed that TV is the work of the devil. As I write, their members now own TV sets and they even have their own TV station. There was also a time when certain denominations believed that the Internet is evil and the work of the devil. Some have now changed that view and are using the same internet they once claimed to be evil to propagate the gospel.

In fact, do you know that in the late 1800s when telephone was first demonstrated, some Christians in Europe stood against it claiming it was an instrument of the devil? Some even said it was able to attract evil spirits? Others also believed that touching a telephone would shock them. Here we are after almost 200 years and no Christian today claim telephone is evil. I can go on and on. Apparently, to these people, Satan is behind any new technological innovation in the world until they start using it.

To be frank, this is boring. What these people don’t know is that they are not only making a mockery of themselves but Christianity. Isn’t this incredible? So, this conspiracy theory about 5G technology being behind coronavirus is not new, but it’s saddening that most of these fears are mostly spread by Christians.

Look, in a few months when this #Covid19 pandemic is over and in a few years when 5G is rolled out and become common, you will see these same people will be the first to buy 5G phones shamelessly. Don’t be a conspiracy theorist! Be a Christian who encourages people in world where many need encouragement and spread the good news of salvation, which is in Jesus Christ.

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