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Lagogo’s Guide to Buying Electronic Gadgets

  There are people who bought phones and other electronic gadgets such as laptops  and complain about the quality of the product after few months of use, especially phones. Buying from the roadside may be cheap, but you may suffer … Continue reading

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The Mobile Money Fraud Wahala in Ghana

The Cyber Crime Unit (CCU) of the Ghana Police Department have said that their investigations into mobile money fraud have led to the arrest of some staff of telcos. They further revealed that some of these staff infiltrate the mobile … Continue reading

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Beware of new forms of hoax messages on Facebook

Ok. So I’ve been getting this message from contacts in my Facebook Messenger not to accept a friend request from a certain “Jayden K. Smith.” An excerpt of the message goes like this: “Please tell all the contacts in your … Continue reading

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Give no room to the devil – backup that data now!

In an era where hacking has become rampant, we can all agree that nothing is safe or secure. In fact, there is no 100% safety or security when it comes to the internet. Ransomware has become the trend for hackers … Continue reading

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How to protect your computer from getting infected by Petya ransomware

Yesterday, I shared a news article from the BBC about how this new ransomware was wreaking havoc across the globe. Big companies in America and Europe have been affected so far. The Petya ransomware like the WannaCry/WannaCrypt ransomware spreads through … Continue reading

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Mobile Data Saving Tips

The cost of mobile data is on the rise instead of decreasing as cost of doing business for these telcos increase. If my memory serves me correctly, more than a year ago, you could get 400MB of monthly data from … Continue reading

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Tips on how to stay safe online

Hackers, like the devil are always busy – finding new ways to cause problem for unsuspecting users of computer systems. And in this Age of Internet of Things (IOT), not only are computers targeted, but Smartphones and other smart devices … Continue reading

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