New Mobile Data Saving Tips

I have seen quite a few posts on Social Media from friends complaining about their data getting finished quickly and they accuse the Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) of stealing their data. Well, today lemme give you few tips to save data.

1. Turn off media auto-download for WhatsApp. This way you will be saving data and it gives you opportunity to only download what photos or videos you want.

2. Turn off auto-play for Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc.). Most of these Social Media enable auto-play by default, which means that data will be used to play videos you don’t even want to play thereby consuming data unnecessarily.

3. Stream videos in Standard Definition (SD), i.e. 480p or low quality (360p or 240p). Most videos stream in High Definition (HD), i.e. 720p. In fact, some even stream in Full HD (1080p). The following are the data usage estimates per quality of video per hour: 200MB (240p), 300MB (360p), 500MB (480p), 1.5GB (720p) and 3GB (1080p). So, you can see that if you stream a video in 720p for just 30 minutes, you’re going to use about 750MB.

4. Turn off Auto-Update for apps using Mobile Data in Play Store. This way you will be controlling the apps. If you use iPhone, you don’t need this tip – you’re already rich. 😁

The above are just few of the crucial tips you can follow to save your mobile data. They apply to Wi-Fi as well if you’re concerned about usage.

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  1. Great content 🙂 Thank you

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