Give no room to the devil – backup that data now!

In an era where hacking has become rampant, we can all agree that nothing is safe or secure. In fact, there is no 100% safety or security when it comes to the internet. Ransomware has become the trend for hackers and big companies and corporations are getting hit.

However, you can secure your files (especially important ones) so that in the event of your computer falling victim, you can still gain access to your files. If you fall victim and your files are secure and safe somewhere, you can simply format your machine and restore the files. You can do the following to backup your files.

  1. Backup your data to an external hard disk drive (HDD). Let’s face the fact! External hard disk drives are as cheap as fake news these days. You can get a 500GB HDD for as low as $45 and a 1TB HDD for as low as $80 online; when in the past, you would have needed hundreds of dollars to get that. For example, as early as 2005, you would have needed $300 to get 400 GB HDD. So, if your data is important to you, buy a hard disk drive and backup your important files on it regularly. Remember, regular backup is very important!
  2. Backup to a cloud storage: Google Drive, OneDrive and DropBox are among a host of Cloud Storage Services providers which offer free storage (Google Drive: 15GB, OneDrive: 5G, DropBox: 2GB). If you want more storage, you have to pay. Unless you are storing lots of pictures and videos, the free space being offered should be enough. Sign up for one or all 3 of these services and keep your files backed up to the cloud. There is no 100% safety or security, but you and I know that at least 99.99% security and safety is offered by these providers. These Cloud Storage services have automatic backup features when you are on WiFi data so you can take advantage of public WiFis and backup that data.

If you have backups on your external hard disk drive, cloud storage or both, you should not worry about your computer getting compromised. Nonetheless, make sure your systems are up-to-date and follow online safety tips and rules.

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