Lagogo’s Guide to Buying Electronic Gadgets


There are people who bought phones and other electronic gadgets such as laptops  and complain about the quality of the product after few months of use, especially phones. Buying from the roadside may be cheap, but you may suffer in the long run in terms of quality. And when I say roadside, I mean those individuals who are not associated with any company standing by the roadside selling phones and other stuff to you.

However, as a rule of thumb, if you want to avoid long term issues or get issues resolved without much trouble, follow these rules.

1. Buy from official stores or accredited stores only. Buying from such stores should give you confidence that you’re buying genuine product. This is why I only buy from credible places and always demand for receipt of payment.

2. Always look for warranty. It is not always true that “goods sold are not returnable” in this country: that applies to goods without warranty. Warranty allows you to return the good within a certain period of time if there are issues for fixing. If it is within the time window, chances are that if you haven’t caused the issue yourself and it is established so, it will be fixed free of charge for you. It is important to get the details of the warranty before buying the product no matter how affordable it is. This is because, the warranty will state the conditions under which you can return the good for fixing or for another one. The warranty also states the period within which you can return the good. For example, if the warranty is 12 months and you have an issue 1 day after 1 year, your product is no longer covered by the warranty. The longer the warranty duration, the more confident you can feel that it is a quality product, especially when it comes to TV sets. In the case of TV sets it is important to be sure the warranty is at least 3 years, because the lifespan of TV sets is normally longer than phones and computers.





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