Say NO to suicide: Your friends and family needs you alive

Yesterday, a friend learnt of the death of her husband in the unlikely of places and what made it worse for her was the fact that the man died by suicide leaving the two boys behind. He hanged himself on Saturday and she only got to know yesterday because they were not staying at the same place. It was tragic. He was young – not older than 40. No one knows what caused the suicide, but the pain left behind is unimaginable.

Everyone goes through some form of trouble, depression or difficulties. I don’t know what you are going through, but suicide is definitely not the solution. Killing yourself will not make anybody happy and should not be something you should contemplate. Your enemies may jubilate but the people who need you most will be sad.

There are many ways by which you can combat depression or any tribulation you’re going through. You can talk to your closest and dependable friend or partner instead of holding it in. But the best way is and has always been to take your Bible and read. Read the book of Psalms for some encouragement. Psalms 9 and 34 are just a few of those Psalms you can read to uplift your downtrodden spirit and soul.
In addition to talking to someone and reading your Bible, don’t forget to pray to God and ask Him to guide and deliver you from whatever you’re going through.

Finally, remember that we are all human beings, which means that we are flesh and blood as well as spirit. What it means is that it is not strange to be depressed. So, if you are depressed, don’t feel ashamed! Talk to someone and read your Bible! Your friends and family needs you alive! Don’t kill yourself! Once there is life, there is always hope and no condition is permanent!
Stay blessed!

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