Be careful of Truecaller’s Blocking functionality

Today, I got a notification from Truecaller that a call from a number has been blocked by the application on my behalf. When I checked, I realised it was a DSTV Customer Care number. The funny thing is that the number is part of my contact list. The question is why did Truecaller block the call from this number?

It’s simple really. The number in question has been marked as spam by 53 people according to the information on Truecaller at the time. In effect, Truecaller seems to care more about what some random people consider as spam instead of your legitimate contact list.

In short, if you are a user of Truecaller app like me to identify unknown numbers, you should always check those notifications about blocked calls. Because, some of those calls may be coming from contacts that you have not blocked but because someone somewhere marked the number as spam, Truecaller blocks them.

Thank you.

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