Beware of Job Scams

Scammers are getting very creative and very intelligent into luring unsuspecting applicants into their schemes. They’re everywhere like virus, which means they’ll post jobs on genuine websites such as Jobberman, JobsInGhana, etc. On some occasions, in the job posting they will indicate a location in your country only for you to be told the job is abroad after applying. They will initially promise huge salaries and won’t demand any money from you until you submit your details. Normally, at the last stage, they will demand money for processing of some documents pertaining to visa – amount usually range from $100 to $500.
Please know that any company which is willing to pay you huge sums of money to relocate you and your family for a job will never ask you to pay any amount of money to process a document. These scammers are basically working to exploit the “human greed”.
Sometimes, a look at the grammatical construction of letters in the offers of these scammers will tell you that they are fake. Emails from such scammers normally don’t have websites – they will provide e-mail address but no website.
One of such scams doing rounds, which people may fall victim to has to do with UGL Construction Limited. The scammers are using logos of UGL Limited of Australia. The email address of the scammers is: The company registered in Australia is “UGL Limited’ as opposed to what the scammers are using, “UGL Construction Limited”. The scammers don’t provide any website. Why would a big company in Australia or any of these advanced countries not have a website? These are basic questions that you should ask yourself, which will prevent you from falling for their schemes.
So next time you get a job offer where you’re promised relocation but are being asked a few hundreds of dollars for document processing, know that there is 99.99% chance that it’s a scam.
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