No telephone number can kill you

You see, most people are gullible. And in the era of Social Media, especially WhatsApp, this tends to be more truer. People tend to forward messages to their friends and groups they belong to without first of all checking if they’re true or not. One of such messages that has been making rounds on WhatsApp has to do with telephone numbers that can kill you. I first noticed it in 2014 and it’s still making rounds.

Such messages go like this: “Please don’t pick calls from this number …..”. There are various versions of this message. Some claim that the number belongs to Illuminati devil worshippers who are after innocent souls and all they need is your voice to kill you. Other versions state that the number in question has killed people and picking calls from that number will lead to your blood taken. Those messages don’t contain only one number: some are international numbers while others are local numbers.

Now, how people can believe that by picking a call from an unknown number will kill you or cause your blood taken or removed is beyond my village cockroach brain.

If you’re a Christian and believe these types of messages then where’s your faith? Have you been reading your Bible? Do you truly believe that you’re under the power of the Holy Spirit and if yes, why do you believe these gullible messages?  Have you not read this verse? “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth”, (Matthew 28:18). Do you not know that all power belongs to Jesus and as a Christian, no one has power over you?

To conclude, some people are missing good opportunities because they refuse to pick calls from unknown numbers based on this false information. These types of messages is what we call scams – they are not true. You can always use Google Search to verify if a message is true or scam before forwarding them, especially if you can’t verify their authenticity. There’s no way you can have all numbers on your phone. We are affected by what we believe and there are many people who are controlled by fear and easily believe these things. Do due diligence before forwarding messages to people – that’s the least your friends and contacts expect from you. Sometimes, all we need is Common Sense (the one that God gave everybody); and don’t tell me I’m being harsh on people.

And yes, pick that call from an unknown number – nothing will happen to you, because you’re under the authority of Jesus Christ as a Christian. And stop doing the bidding of scammers by spreading such messages, which are completely falses.

Stay blessed.

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